Appease open our salon until 11:00 pm. to satisfy late night demands.  But we have recieved requests that many customers wants to get relaxiation treatment late night.  Thus, Appease decided to start “Mid Night Special!”  We only take a reservation for the following time:

  • 22:00
  • 23:45
  • 25:30 (surcharge apply)  Only Azabujuban Salon 

You can select one of the following courses:

A. Fat freezing or Premium EMS with facial treatments – 90 min.

B. Fat freezing or Premium EMS with foot massage – 90 min.

C. Whole body massage including foot massage (oil or deep tissue) – 90 min.

You can select arms, abdomen, thighs, or calves for fat freezing or premium EMS.


Treatment starts at 22:00 and 23:45 ¥9,000

Treatment starts at 25:30 ¥15,000

Please send massage to 080-3088-2079 after 21:00 to make a reservation (We may not be able to take phone calls, so it would be appriciated to make a reservation via message.).


  • 22:00
  • 23:45
  • 25:30(追加料金が必要)


A. 冷却痩身またはプレミアムEMSとフェイシャル 90分

B. 冷却痩身またはプレミアムEMSとフットマッサージ 90分

C. 足つぼ付き全身マッサージ(オイルまたは指圧)90分



22:00または23:45スタート ¥9,000

25:30スタート ¥15,000


Midnight Special Only Azabujuban Salon

22:00 or 23:45 start


Midnight Special

25:00 start