Fat freezing   


Using the fat freezing machine, Cryo-μ®, its handle is placed on the area to be treated.  Suction starts to draw and hold the fatty tissue, and then the breakdown of fat cells begins.  During the procedure, the Cryo-μ® device maintains the treatment temperature at a constant 0°C.  The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes.

Upper or lower abdominal

¥10000(60 min)

Both (right and left) side abdominal (2 cups using two machines)

¥15000(トライアル価格)(60 min, first time only)

Reservation 予約

Feature 特長

  • Target slimming 部分痩せが可能
  • Fat burning with less physical burden and relaxing 体への負担が少なく、リラックスして脂肪燃焼
  • Less pain comparing with other slimming methods 他の痩身法に比べて、辛い痛みが少ない

Premium EMS – プレミアムEMS

Premium EMS, Electronics Muscle Stimulation, produces multi angle slimming treatments using the combination of low or middle frequency electric current, thermo-therapy, and electroporation.  Premium EMS can increase perspiration and fat burning effects because of its thermo-therapy function that is not available for the old model EMS machine.  Electroporation promotes the elimination of waste products from the body and reduces body swelling.


Trial course – トライアルコース

  • Hip and thighs – ヒップ+太もも
  • Hip and calfs – ヒップ+ふくらはぎ
  • Thighs and clafs – 太もも+ふくらはぎ
  • Upper arms and abdomen 二の腕+おなか
  • Back and upper arms 背中+二の腕

Each course – 各コース¥8500

Reservation 予約

Option – オプション

Hand massage – ハンドマッサージ +¥4500


Vacuum & Cavitation (Cavi-Lipo DEX)

Cavi-Lipo DEX, is the most effective fat solution with latest advanced 4 new technologies, combines Pulsating Ultrasound Wave, Vacuum Suction with Rollers, Mid-low Frequency and Red LED light treatment.  This device is available to apply on fat & cellulite area of arms, abdomen, thighs, hips, waist and back.  This is the safest approach for treatment of adipose areas and cellulite.   Cavi-Lipo DEX is very effective and smart treatment method to dissolve cellulite, as well as disassemble fat and cellulites immediately with its unique Endomology technology along with electro stimulation by convenient & easy hand-pieces.  The device is aim to painless massaging and also light treatment at the same time.

Cavi-Lipo DEXは、4種類(リズム超音波、吸引ローラー、中〜低周波EMS、赤色LED)の最新のテクノロジーの組み合わせで、最も効果的に脂肪ケアを行うことができます。この機器は、腕、お腹、太もも、ヒップ、ウエスト、背中の脂肪とセルライトのケアを安全に行えます。また、セルライトを消失や、脂肪やセルライトを分解が、短期間で効果的が高いのが特長です。



Upper or lower body with shape-up massage by hand – 上半身または下半身(ハンドマッサージ付き)

初回  – First time ¥7500(50 min)

Full body with shape-up massage by hard – 全身(ハンドマッサージ付き)

 ¥15300(100 min)

Reservation 予約


Heat mat



Heat mat is only available with premium EMS or cavitaion.

  • Hip and thighs – ヒップ+太もも
  • Hip and calfs – ヒップ+ふくらはぎ
  • Thighs and clafs – 太もも+ふくらはぎ
  • Upper arms and abdomen 二の腕+おなか
  • Back and upper arms 背中+二の腕

Each course – 各コース¥5000

Reservation 予約

Indications – 効果

  • Activate intestine (laxative effect) 腸の活性化(便秘解消)
  • Detox effect デトックス効果
  • Reduce swolling and chilling むくみ・冷え性の解消